This service consists in the operation and administration of the Department of Computing or Systems through the establishment of medium or long term outsourcing contracts. 

This service can be valuable for your company if you have a medium or small IT environment that needs to maintain and operate, but has a certain limitation of expense budget as to count with a permanent payroll of Technical Specialists, required to provide support to the IT area and business users during periods of at least 6 months to a year.

We have the capacity, experience, and “know-how” to operate and administer your Computing or System’s Department. We have the technical resources to cover all the areas of technology.

In addition to recurring management and operation of the Computing or Systems area, these contracts also include: Evaluation of the IT area, identification of critical areas, handling of own IT personnel and that of the client’s if available, optimization and improvement plan in all the IT areas, inventory survey of active equipment, expired and active support contracts, administration of IT personnel (evaluation, selection, hiring, management), review of contracts with suppliers, management and operation of IT Global environment, handling service levels, deliver results periodically.

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