Professional Consulting IT Services

We offer cross experience in Information Technology, covering from specialized business consultation to the most advanced technical solutions in different industries. We have a team of multidisciplinary professionals of high management and technical level, with a wide knowledge of the IT industry applied to the client’s business.

With this team of independent consultants, with a solid experience in the industry, disciplines and better practices, we offer the following specialized consulting services:

Strategic Alignment Workshop (business with technology), focused on:

  • Understanding of the environment: Inventory of applications and/or services provided by the current client’s IT management, HW and SW infrastructures, organization, operation, relation and services of providers.
  • Creation and revision of the current technology budget, direct and indirect costs, analysis and IT cost forecast. 
  • Identification of improvement areas, generating ideas and proposals for service improvement and IT management, architecture design, used systems, operations and technology infrastructure.
  • Support in the establishment of projects that can generate value, preliminary feasibility and convenience assessment, potential costs and benefits.
  • Support in the elaboration of RFs and/or launch of projects to outsource with the supplier/solution that best suits the client.

Support in the Assessment and Selection process within the Outsourcing frame

  • Select and prioritize outsourcing services.
  • Active assessment, use of the best practices and support during the outsourcing evaluation and selection process, exploring the process (“roadmap”) to secure the success of the Project, including the stages: 
      • Preparation: classic factors (“drivers”), goals, why should I do this? Can we do this?
      • Analysis: can value be generated? What would be the scope? Assessment of solution options, should we do it?
      • Selection: who is the best partner or technological supplier? Which is the business case to justify it? Risks analysis, what would be the costs and benefits?
      • Contract: which is the most convenient contract? How to handle the negotiation? Analysis of terms and conditions. What are the correct SLA’s? Scheme of charges and pricing. 
      • Execution: How to transition? How to handle Management and Human Resources effectively, how to ensure the obtaining of benefits? What is the governance model to ensure success in the project?

Support in transformation projects

  • Leveraging on professional resources with solid experience and knowledge in management, Project control, better practices and certified specialists in different technology solutions, we offer to back up our clients in the achievement of their projects of transformation in:
      • Applications
      • Architecture
      • Infraestructure
      • Operations
      • Communications
      • Cloud
      • Safety/Security
      • Mobility

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