Technical Assistance For IT Projects

This service focuses in supporting the development and implement of the transformation projects and /or new initiatives that handle your computing or IT area.

 You can count with the Technical Specialists that you require either face-to-face or remote and for the needed time; this in order to help you implement your technological projects.  We can assist in the phases of evaluation, analysis, design and architecture, in the phase of implementing, transfer of knowledge, and documentation. As well as in the phase of project control and post implementation. We can assist you throughout the complete cycle of the project.

We perform a joint evaluation of the required assistance for your project; we agree on the scope of the solution, the technical support and the required resources; the plan for the development and implementation of the project, the requirements for the technical and user documentation to be generated.  This evaluation and joint analysis will allow us to elaborate the technical and economical proposal of the highest possible value for both companies.

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